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Fla police: Mom who fled Philly hid kids in beach pit

The South Florida Sun-Sentinel is reporting:

"Police this afternoon continue to search for a mother and the young daughter she allegedly abducted from a foster home in Pennsylvania and said they think the two are still in Broward (County, Florida).

Authorities are looking for Tammy Kongkham, 35, and her daughter, Kimberly, 8, who was abdcuted in Oct. Police say Kongkham also took an older daughter, 10-year-old Kelley, from the foster home, but that child has been found safe in Fort Lauderdale."

The newspaper continues:

"In 2003, authorities said, Kongkham divorced her husband and took custody of their daughters. In October, according to Fort Lauderdale police, Pennsylvania's Department of Public Welfare took the girls from their mother and placed them in a temporary foster home.

Two days after the girls began attending a new school, Kongkham approached them wearing a blonde wig and whisked them away, Collins said. She was last seen boarding a Greyhound bus at a Philadelphia bus station. Philadelphia police said Thursday that missing person reports had been filed for the girls, and an arrest warrant for kidnapping issued for their mother."

We're working on this story, so look for updates soon.

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