Can I just say, this plant is rocket-propelled!? This is 'Dream catcher,' a beauty bush aka Kokwitzia amabilis. Never heard of it until someone gave me not one, but two, maybe three years ago. They hadn't done much growing till this year, when they suddenly had a spurt up and out. This prompted me to look at the plant tag, which is in there somewhere and which indicates that this late-bloomer can reach heights of six to nine feet. Gulp. It's an extraordinary looking plant with golden leaves that look chartreuse here and remind me of pointed holly foliage. And it does sort of look like the webbed Native American dreamcatcher. This 'Dream catcher' likes full sun to part shade; in my garden, it's in filtered shade, which apparently is what it likes best. It has height, it has color and what plant geeks call "architecture." It has so much architecture, in fact, it may soon overshadow my house.