A friend once told me that her homegrown peas rarely make it from garden to kitchen. They're just too tempting.
Ta da! I know this looks like the leftovers from a toddler's dinner, but this is my first pea harvest ever! Twenty pods, about 60 peas, and darn, I should've planted more. For the 100th time, live and learn.
My friend was right on the money. I popped several pods right into my mouth on the way to the house. They were extraordinarily sweet and crunchy. Put them in a dinner salad, and they are gone, gone, gone.
I've had no such success with carrots this spring. Pulled one up last night and it was about 3 inches long and so woody I couldn't get a knife through it.
But the peas ... and the zesty radishes, the lemony sorrel, spinach, baby lettuces and dill ... those I did OK on. I lived. I learned. More to go.