I'm getting picky about poinsettias in my old age. They're everywhere about now, and most of what's out there is pretty pathetic looking. So imagine my delight and surprise to see these during a visit this morning to Longwood Gardens. You know Longwood will have the biggest and best, and despite the excitement over 'Visions of Grandeur,' a creamy yellow-rosy pink one extolled by a freelancer in the paper today, I vote for this one. It's called 'Nutcracker Red,' and it is huge. The blooms are more than a foot across. 'Grandeur' was there, too, and it's really nice; I'm not so stuck on traditional red that I can't appreciate other colors. But most of what I see in that category is washed out, if not when I buy it then certainly after it's been sitting around for a few weeks. Often that's true of the red ones, as well. 'Nutcracker Red' was stunning. Put me in a holiday mood. These days, that's going some.