(A brief discussion twixt Baer & Baer's editor, a.k.a. BE)

BE: Hey, JB, I got a question.

JB: Fire away, boss.

BE: Dominic Pileggi?

JB: The former mayor of Chester. The pride of Delaware County. The Republican state Senate leader. A fine guy, even if a little, you know, staid and monotone.

BE: Yeah, but I see he might run for U.S. Senate against Bob Casey Jr.

JB: Yep. Politics PA broke it.

BE: Then Pileggi put it on his Facebook page.

JB: Very hip. All about social media.

BE: But can you imagine the debate?

JB: Sure. Can't sleep? Watch Casey v. Pileggi. Free No-Doz for credentialed press.

BE: Why do you think he's thinking about it?

JB: To push the slogan, "We Need a Dom in DC."

BE: That's kinda kinky. Sorta suggests that...

JB: Exactly. It's time Washington is submissive to our wishes!

BE: Could work. But how do you see his chances?

JB: He'd be the best known name in southeastern PA -- home to the most voters and the most money -- in a huge GOP primary field.

BE: But isn't he the guy who wants to award electoral votes next year by congressional districts instead of winner-take-all, which suggests he thinks Democrat Obama wins the state, as every Democrat has done here in the last five presidential races?

JB: He is. But there's a twist. If he thinks Obama wins the state he also knows that PA voters tend to split parties between Prez and U.S. Senate in years both are on the ballot. They did so every time that happened dating back to 1988.

BE: He's a sly one, that Pileggi.

JB: And maybe the Dom to down a Dem. Grrrr.