(A brief discussion twixt Baer & Baer's editor, a.k.a. BE)

JB: Yo, boss, you see that thing about Corbett crowing that he had a drink and a cigar with Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia during PA Society weekend in NYC?

BE: I did. Seemed to be a real highlight for the guv, and the fact they shared time at the Carnegie Club is appropriate given that Andrew Carnegie was involved in the PA Society and a speaker at one of it's annual dinners.

JB: You know your history.

BE: I also know you've been to the Carnegie Club on 57th near 7th Avenue since it's one of the few places you can smoke inside in Nanny Bloomberg's city.

JB: Indeed, spent some quality time (and too much money) there during the 2004 GOP convention, and have been back since.

BE: And Corbett talked about his encounter?

JB: Yep. He chatted with journos after giving a speech at the Metropolitan Club. I sought details.

BE: Get any?

JB: Well, I asked what kind of cigar he had. He said he didn't know, somebody handed it to him. I asked what he drank. He said a gin & tonic which, as you know, is totally a summer drink but, hey, everybody has different tastes. I asked if he regularly smokes cigars. He said 5 or 6 a-year.

BE: Uh-oh. Here come the anti-smoking police.

JB: Maybe. But he looks at me and says, "You didn't know that side of me, did you?" I'm thinking, dude, there's probably multiple sides of you I don't know. Then he adds, "I'll tell you where they're nice: outside at the firepit at the governor's mansion." To which I say, "I wouldn't know." Then a Corbett aide leans in to say, "Couple of good columns and maybe you could find out."

BE: Hah. Bribery.

JB: He also says he met with the ed boards of the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg News and that he and his wife went to see "Jersey Boys" (which has been on Boradway since 2005) which he described as the first "play" he's seen in a number of years.

BE: Maybe he's getting ready to tell the state "Bye Bye Baby" (1965).

JB: More like he's getting ready to "Walk Like a Man" (1963).