(A brief discussion twixt Baer & Baer's editor, a.k.a. BE)

JB: Get yer checkbook out, boss, the GOP says you can't afford not to.

BE: There isn't much I can afford these days.

JB: Come on, they're talking about the future of our country.

BE: What are YOU talking about?

JB: Pennsylvania Republican chairman Rob Gleason just sent out fund-raising letters asking for two checks of $250 each to defeat Obama and Casey in Pennsylvania. He even included two postage-paid envelopes.

BE: Does that mean I can peel the stamps off and re-use them? Why should I pay to defeat Obama and Casey anyway?

JB: Well, according to letter, which uses lots of bold type, because "Both are up" for reelection next year, "both are vulnerable" and "both can be beaten."

BE: By whom? Manny Pacquiao? 

JB: Uh. Letter doesn't say. But it does say we "don't want Nancy Pelosi back as Speaker."

BE: Then shouldn't we be sending our checks to California?

JB: No, No. See Pennsylvania's "leading the way" what with the election last time of Toomey and five new GOP congressmen, and we can "make history again in 2012 and change the way Washington, D.C., does business."

BE: Both parties say that every election. What's Gleason's plan?

JB: Send in your money and we'll "cut wasteful spending, scale back the size of government and repeal ObamaCare."

BE: And why are we dumping Casey?

JB: Pay attention! He's up, vulnerable and can be beaten!

BE: And Obama?

JB: Because, geez, we "can't afford a second term for President Barack Obama."

BE: It doesn't say Barack Hussein Obama?

JB: Goes without saying. Grrr.