With yet another trial underway on Pennsylvania's voter ID law, we offer a few fun facts.

For those you might still believe the whole voter ID issue is non-partistan, data from the National Conference of State Legislatures on states that currently have photo ID requirements, and states such as Pennsylvania where the issue is pending, suggests otherwise.

There are, according to the NCSL, 11 states requiring photo IDs: Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Tennessee, Florida, Hawaii, Idaho, Louisiana, Michigan, New Hampshire and South Dakota.

Nine of the 11 have Republican-controlled Legislatures. Hawaii is Democratic; New Hampshire's legislature is split and there's a Democratic governor.

Of seven state where the photo ID issue is pending -- Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia and Wisconsin -- all seven are in GOP control (the Virgina Senate is tied but there's a Republican House and a Republican governor).

About a dozen other states that have voter ID requirements that do not include photos.

You can all view the NCSL data here.

I suppose those who believe photo ID's improve the election system will argue Republicans are just better at pushing good-government. And I imagine those who think any added step in the voting process can reduce voter turnout will argue Republicans like it better when fewer people vote.

So each side can use this data to bolster its argument or trash the other side; because when it comes to the politics of voter ID, the fun never ends.