Cental Pennsylvania media outlets are reporting on student, faculty and alumni protests over Millersville University's choice of Gov Corbett as this year's commencement speaker.

An online petition opposing the choice has drawn more than 1,000 signatures, according to a local TV station and a Lancaster newspaper.

The Harrisburg Patriot-News Thursday ran an image from an online protest portraying Corbett as an eye-patched pirate (the school's nickname is Marauders) with the words "Pillaging Public Education Doesn't Make You a Marauder!"

You can view the story and the image here.

Corbett's press secrtary, Kevin Harley, an alum and appointed trustee of the state school in Lancaster County, told The Patriot that critics represent only a small portion of 8,725 student body.

"I can tell you the governor is looking forward to speaking to the graduates. It's a day about them and their accomplishments and a day the governor is very proud of. The governor will make sure the focus is on the students and their accomplishments," Harley said.

Commencement is scheduled May 18 on the campus. University officials say there is no thought of rescinding the invitation to Corbett.

The Lancaster New Era editorialized on the issue, laying out data on state funding for higher education under Corbett and calling on students to hear the governor out.