(A brief discussion twixt Baer & Baer's editor, a.k.a. BE)

JB: Yo, chief, a new Pennsylvania poll released yesterday says the state's Republican voters prefer Michele Bachmann to all other GOP candidates except one.

BE: Which one?

JB: That well known Obama challenger "other/undecided."

BE: Well, he or she probably has the best chance.

JB: Maybe so. Anyway, the poll was taken by an Easton firm, Communication Concepts, specializing in Republican campaigns.

BE: And the results show the fact-challenged Bachmann in the lead?

JB: Indeed. She's ahead of identified candidates with 23 percent ("other/undecided" is at 29 percent).

BE: What about my man Rick Santorum?

JB: Well behind Bachmann with 13 percent.

BE: And the others?

JB: Romney at 16, Newt and Ron Paul at 5, Pawlenty 4, Cain 3 and Huntsman 1.

BE: So Michele could be Pennsylvania's belle?

JB: Lots of Democrats hope so. One of them e-mailed me yesterday saying that if Bachmann heads the ticket Democrats can clean up down-ticket and maybe even win, for the first time ever, the state attorney general race.

BE: It wasn't Pat Murphy who e-mailed you, was it?

JB: No, but the former congressman probably is today contributing to the Bachmann campaign.

BE: I've always liked Bachman pretzels, made right here in Wyomissing.

JB: Yeah, see, I think that's different.

BE: One is hard and salty and the other is hard-right and sweet?

JB: Exactly. Grrr.