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Liberal Leftist Plot!

Was the Weiner thing timed to take attention away from Santorum?

Right after I watched Congressman Anthony Weiner incinerate his political career yesterday, including any chance of being New York's mayor or a major Washington player, I got a call from William J. Green, conservative Pittsburgh TV commentator and long-time conspiracy theorist.

"It's a left-wing conspiracy," he tells me.

"What is?" I ask, knowing I'll be sorry.

"The Weiner thing."

I momentarily hope he doesn't mean the actual "Weiner thing."

He goes on. "It's a Clinton-led effort to detract from Rick. To keep him off the front pages, off the TV talk shows."

Green, I should note, earlier in the day attended the announcement of his pal Rick Santorum in Somerset where Santorum said formally he's running for president.

"You've finally gone over the edge," I offer.

"No, no, we're on to you lefties," he snarls.

(Anyone in media or anyone who ever reads the New York Times is, to Green, a "lefty.")

He then painstakingly explains how Weiner (this is his real picture, not one of THOSE pictures) is married to long-time Hillary Clinton close aide Huma Abedin and that the wedding ceremony was performed by Bill Clinton.

He's right. Here's the proof. They were married at a posh Long Island venue last July.

Then Green insists Bill & Hill talked Weiner & Huma into stealing the media limelight from Santorum.

"They decided to sacrifice the kid from New York," says Green, "I'm convinced of it."

I laugh. He laughs. The call ends. But, hey, ya never know.