Tax day, as they say, comes but once a year.

And every April 15 we all are reminded of the duty and drudgery of paying up to maintain our multiple governments and their services and the people who run/provide them.


In Philly and PA, this also reminds us of the, um, quality of such services and individuals. Talk about depressing.

But the day also ushers forth the annual parade of comment on the process and candidates offering to make it better.

In keeping with this tradition, The Washington Post offers a short video on the "worst tax day excuses," and a Libertarian Party candidate for PA governor suggests he can make future tax days "happier."

First The Post.

It's excuse list suggests some believe paying is "voluntary" since the IRS code makes reference to the word. But that applies to the code allowing citizens to volunteer amounts owed rather than the agency proscribing same.

Then there's the old "I won't pay on grounds of religious or moral beliefs." Sorry, says The Post, doesn't work.

Same for contentions that since the Constitution talks about gold and silver while dollars are technically Federal Reserve notes, if one is paid in dollars, one doesn't have to pay taxes.

Nope. U.S. Supreme Court already has ruled away this argument -- multiple times.

You can see The Post video here. Just scroll down to "The IRS's worst tax day excuses."

As to "happier" tax days, Libertarian gubernatorial candidate Ken Krawchuk says it's time for the bucks to stop.

He says that in 1964 the average PA taxpayer paid $100 in taxes and today pays more than $2,300.

But, when he's elected governor (he also ran in 1998 and 2002 so he's giving us another chance), he'll veto every tax increase, eliminate programs and phase out the personal income tax.

So. Quit thinking up excuses to avoid taxing days. It seems all but certain that relief is just around the corner.