Don't you just wonder?

Wouldn't you think when one pol, say former Democratic U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner, is caught in a national embarrassment for sexting with a woman named Sydney Leathers, that other pols might say to themselves, "Boy, I'm never gonna do that."

Well, meet Democratic Indiana state Rep. Justin Moed.

He's now apologizing for sexting with the very same Sydney Leathers after getting caught responding to her ad for a submissive she could "fiscally dominate."

Oh, and it's much worse. He called himself "Bitch Boy." He said, "I am your property to do with as you wish, Mistress." He sent her money, shoes, lingerie and a leash and collar and he -- according to her and the New York Post -- wanted her to....well, better you read it here for yourselves.

Moed, who is (or maybe was) engaged to be married later this year, told the Indianapolis Star, "I am truly sorry I have hurt the ones I love most with my poor judgment."

What's with these guys? And what's with Democrats? Is it since Republicans seem to own the market on saying stupid things about women and sex and rape, etc., that Democrats are looking to lock down the market on sexting?

And as for Leathers, a self-proclaimed liberal, she says she's kinda sad about Moed: "I was really hoping it was a Republican."