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The Political Pot

Lots of stuff is getting stirred around in today's political pot; question is will any of of it last or mean anything?

(A brief discussion twixt Baer & Baer's editor, a.k.a. BE)

JB: Yo, boss, the political pot is full these days; anything to your liking?

BE: Not really. Mostly stale, dried-out, over-cooked leftovers.

JB: Prez on gay marriage?

BE: Oh, yeah, real shocker. Fresh out of the no-duh oven. And served up with no political intent, I'm sure.

JB: Getting lots of attention.

BE: Yeah, so's the weather; but it, too, changes.

JB: Santorum's late-night Romney endorsement?

BE: Oh, right. Wanted it to be "the first thing" his backers saw in the morning. Who's he kidding? By morning, most email folders are crammed with overnight groupon ads and Orvis sales.

JB: John Edwards' trial?

BE: What? It's news that His Hairness had a tawdry affair, an out-of-wedlock baby and soaked a rich old lady to pay for a coverup? It tastes like a bad soap opera. Yuck. And yawn.

JB: Corbett standing his ground on state budget numbers even as Senate Republicans add more spending for education and human services?

BE: Predictable. He already signed stand-your-ground gun legislation. So that's a default reaction to everything. But eventually he'll just close his eyes and sign a budget bill with more spending than he proposed.

JB: But, listen, you gotta love the Allegheny County DA looking to get our favorite female felon from the west, convicted and soon-to-be-former state Sen. Jane Orie, to pay back $1 million-plus in tax dollars used for her defense.

BE: Well, sure, the aroma of the intent is enticing and I've always wondered how the Legislature gets away with using tax dollars and outside law firms to represent members under criminal investigation. But, realistically, is a local court going to overturn Senate rules? And if so, do we then go back and seek reimbursement from others -- Fumo, Veon, DeWeese, Perzel, etc. -- who got legal counsel paid for by taxpayers during investigations into their behavior?

JB: Well, yeah. That would be tasty.

BE: Come on. Now you're just stiring the pot.