Maybe you missed this over the long Thanksgiving holiday weekend, but the Pennsylvania Republican Party says Donald Trump will speak at one of the key events during the upcoming Pa. Society weekend in NYC.

If you missed it maybe that's because the GOP isn't exactly touting it. The press release announcing The Donald's appearance showed up in reporters' email boxes at 4:17 p.m. the day before Thanksgiving. The most flattering thing it said about Trump is that he's "a successful and dynamic businessman."

And since the announcement there doesn't seem to be much GOP bragging about snagging the Republican presidential frontrunner. And there's nothing close to an endorsement from party bigwigs.

In a Monday article, for example, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette quotes state party chairman Rob Gleason saying, "He's high in the polls. We think our donor base would like to hear from him."

And while Allegheny County GOP chief Jim Roddey tells the P-G that Trump's a good choice for generating buzz, "I don't think he's qualified...he doesn't have the skills, the background and the experience he needs to be president."

Speaking of not having skills, state House GOP leaders apparently won't attend the annual gala weekend because of embarrassment over the state budget brouhaha. And some other lawmakers, in both parties, have indicated little interest in being seen partying in New York during or even after (if a budget's passed before New York) the budget fiasco.

At least we know Trump's on board. He's to speak at the annual Commonwealth Club luncheon at The Plaza Hotel on Friday, December 11. Tickets are $1,000 each; $2,500 for a VIP reception and photo with The Donald. The luncheon is closed to the press.

The weekend, a tradition dating back to 1899, draws thousands from the state's political community for dozens of parties, fundraisers and a black-tie dinner in the ballroom of The Waldorf-Astoria Hotel. It was started by successful Pennsylvania natives working in New York as a way to celebrate their success and their home state.

Trump has a Pennsylvania connection. He's a graduate of the Wharton School at Penn.