Let the gubernatorial election games begin.

Check out this report, from my colleague Tom Fitzgerald:

Montgomery County Commissioner Bruce Castor (R) has been exploring a primary challenge to Pennsylvania Gov. Corbett for months, critiquing the incumbent from the right on fiscal and other issues.

Now comes a new website that attacks Castor's record, a sign that Corbett backers may be taking him more seriously, or at least do not wish to let him blast away unrebutted. The site, www.CastorWatch.com, argues that his record as commissioner and former county prosecutor shows he is not a real conservative.

Democrats have taken notice. Already, they have circulated emails questioning who the money and brains are behind the site. An email sent to reporters said the website is paid for by CASTORWATCH.COM.

The Ds noted that the domain registration information for the website is private.

"Someone paid extra to keep their identity a secret," read an email from the state Democratic Party.

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