This just in from our colleague Jeremy Roebuck:
Montgomery County Commissioner Bruce L. Castor Jr. said he is considering a 2014 GOP primary challenge against Gov. Corbett, who he described as "vulnerable" in an interview posted Wednesday on the website
"It looks to me like Gov. Corbett has not fulfilled the promise he came into office with," Castor told the website. "That could change and everything could end up being terrific a year from now. But if it's not, I want to be in a position where I haven't sat on my hands."

Castor, 51, is currently serving his second term on the board of commissioners for Pennsylvania's third-largest county. His time in the post has not been free of controversy.

First elected in 2007 after stepping down as the county's popular, hard-charging district attorney, Castor clashed frequently and publicly with fellow Republican Jim Matthews, after the latter man struck a deal with former Democratic Commissioner Joseph Hoeffel to shove Castor out of control of the board.
But in his second term, Castor has worked cooperatively with a freshly-elected Democratic majority helmed by current Commissioners' Chairman Josh Shapiro, himself often mentioned as a potential candidate for a 2014 gubernatorial run.
A Montgomery County grand jury's decision to indict Matthews on perjury charges late last year didn't hurt in vindicating many of Castor's complaints.
Castor previously faced off against Corbett in 2004 during an unsuccessful bid for the attorney general's office in that year's GOP primary.
Castor's potential run comes days before this year's Pennsylvania Society, an annual event in which politicians, lobbyists, campaign strategists and donors gather in New York City. The event has traditionally been used as an opening opportunity for candidates considering statewide runs to drum up early support.
Several Republican Party insiders said some within the state GOP had reached out to Castor in the days following this year's elections, citing the disappointing performance of Corbett-backed candidates in races for the state treasurer, attorney general and auditor general.
A Castor gubernatorial run would also once again pit him against a longtime political enemy, Republican National Committee member Robert B. Asher, a Montgomery County native, fund-raiser and one of Corbett's closest political allies.
Castor has long blamed Asher for the bipartisan alliance between Matthews and Hoeffel.

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