With his lead shrinking, Pennsylvania's Republican Senate candidate Pat Toomey is getting a $1 million boost from the PAC of his former employer, the free-market advocacy group Club for Growth.

Toomey, a congressman from the Lehigh Valley from 1999 to 2005, is past president of the Club, which seeks lower taxes and less regulation on business.

"Yes, Joe Sestak served honorably in the Navy," the new 30-second spot says. "His service in Congress is the problem. He voted for Obama's $700 billion stimulus, and unemployment rose. With Nancy Pelosi, Sestak backed the mortgage bailout, and the deficit swelled. Like Harry Reid, Sestak favors an energy tax that would kill jobs here. Joe Sestak: Just another liberal."

Recent polls show that the race with Democratic Rep. Joe Sestak is in a dead heat, after months of a Toomey lead. The Club says it has bought $1 million worth of air time in the Philadelphia media market for the ad.