Gov. Corbett wasted no time wiping Ed Rendell's name from the state government website.

Well, in fairness, Rendell's name's still there, it's just what he said and did that's now behind an electronic gate.

Go to the state website and try to access press releases with Gov. Rendell's name in them and you get "Welcome to the Enterprise Portal" with instructions for registering your account. (What starship are we on?)

Then the e-monitor advises you that your new account will be activated within 24 hours.

The odd thing is, you can access press releases announcing the lottery winner or that the state sold more hotel rooms in 2010 without a password.

So much for openness in the new administration.

Commonwealth Confidential was provided an email order from Corbett's internet tech staff last week that directed agency employees to remove references to Rendell's name, changing it to simply "governor."

All statements regarding who is the current governor should be updated to "Tom Corbett."

 References to or links to Governor's initiatives can remain so long as name references to Governor Rendell are removed.

 References to the governor in Web copy should be removed, whenever possible.

We were unaware that they were going to lock away all references to Rendell behind a password wall.

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