The Rendell administration is preparing to hit the road again in a campaign-style bus tour of the state, this time to deride education budget cuts proposed by Republicans.

Last month, the GOP-controlled Senate passed a $27.3-billion budget for fiscal 2009-10 that would scale back the $29 billion in spending Gov. Rendell had proposed.

Over the past two weeks, the administration has conducted a massive PR campaign to attack the cuts. First it was daily press releases. Now, it's a five-day bus tour by Education Secretary Gerald Zahorchak.

The administration has penciled in at least a dozen press conferences for the tour next week that will make stops in towns in the four corners of the state and points in between.

Word of the tour became fodder for Republicans at the Capitol, who called it the latest administration scare tactic.

"The governor is hitting the campaign trail again, only this time for higher taxes," said House Minority Leader Sam Smith (R., Jefferson). "…It's a campaign tactic to support unrealistic spending increases and push for a large tax increase. It's the 'Tax You More Bus Tour.'

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