Gov. Rendell takes his case for high speed rail service to Washington today.

Rendell will speak address a Senate subcommittee on surface transportation to urge Congress to support investments in high speed rail. Pennsylvania is the site of one of 10 potential high speed rail corridors designated for funding as part of the economic stimulus plan.

Earlier this month Vice President Biden said the first payments for $8 billion in public financing for high speed rail - which may include the Philadelphia to Pittsburgh corridor - will roll out late this summer. Biden said funding could help jump start investment in high speed rail to improve the nation's "terrible" passenger rail service.

Pennsylvania Department of Transportation planners are looking at using stimulus money for improving the Philadelphia-Harrisburg route, adding service to the existing one daily round-trip between Harrisburg and Pittsburgh, and restoring rail service between Scranton and New York.

Rendell is testifying as co-chairman of Building America's Future, a coalition of elected officials advocating for investments in the nation's infrastructure, formed with California Gov. Arnold Schwartzenegger and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Also scheduled to testify today are Joseph Boardman, president and CEO of Amtrak, and Joseph Szabo, administrator of the Federal Railroad Administration.

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