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State Sen. Scarnati says he will forego cost-of-living-arrangment but will wind up making more

State Senate President Pro Tempore Joe Scarnati will turn down his cost-of-living adjustment.

But don't worry about the Jefferson County Republican making ends meet in this tough economy.

Even without the COLA, he is pulling down much more.

Yesterday, he was sworn in as the state's new lieutenant governor to replace the late- Catherine Baker Knoll and will serve in both that job and as the ranking state senator.

But when it comes to his payday, he said he would accept the lieutenant governor's salary - which at $142,924 is the higher of the two by $20,670.

It's what his predecessor Sen. Robert Jubelirer (R., Blair) did when he was the first to serve in the duel capacity from late 2001 until early 2003.

But Scarnati announced yesterday that he would not accept the 2.8 percent annual COLA come January when it kicks in for the lieutenant governor's post. (Legislative COLAs started Monday). That amounts to about $4,000 annually he will forego.

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