Where does Tom Corbett stand on government spending? It depends on which Tom Corbett you're talking to.

Amid the Democrats' fanfare yesterday over the one-year anniversary of the stimulus program, Tom Corbett, the Republican candidate for governor, sent out a blast email to supporters quoting unemployment statistics to show Pennsylvania is not better off post-stimulus than it was in the depths of the recession last year.

Corbett called the stimulus legislation a "failure," saying "spending tax money does not get the job done." Instead, he said, Pennsylvania needs to "welcome job creators back to our state," without further elaboration on how.

Earlier, Tom Corbett, attorney general, appeared before the Senate Appropriations Committee in the Capitol to defend his request for more money in this year's budget.

Corbett told lawmakers, while he's been frugal and made cutbacks in his office, he could not guarantee continued the success of programs like the gun violence and drug task forces and the child predator unit, without adding more staff. Capitolwire.com reports that Corbett said he'd lose 32 positions if Rendell's proposed $85.6 million appropriation for the Attorney General's office - a one percent reduction over 2009-2010 - goes through.

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