With warmer months just around the corner, it is important to make sure kids stay hydrated. Many drinks including lemonades, iced teas, fruit punches, and even sports drinks can be full of added sugars that provide empty calories. Instead, try these fun fruit-infused water combinations to get kids excited about drinking more water! For a budget friendly and quick option, use frozen fruit.

Infused Water

Fruit combinations:

  • Strawberry + lemon

  • Raspberry + lime

  • Blueberry + mango

  • Orange + cucumber

  • Watermelon + basil


  • Make sure to wash all produce before adding to water

  • Store fruit in the infused water for up to 24 hours, then strain out fruit and keep water in fridge for up to two days

  • Try serving water with a fun, colorful straw

  • Try using plain seltzer water for fizz

  • Refill a reusable water bottle with infused water for on-the-go hydration