Duncan Lloyd, the assistant city solicitor who was caught on camera with a second man seen vandalizing a Chestnut Hill grocery store with anti-Donald Trump graffiti in November, was among those nominated for Above the Law's "Lawyer of the Year" award.

Lloyd was not charged with any crimes and remains employed by the city. His story went national, and he became known as "the wine-swilling vandal." His friend, Evan Brown, 33, who police say did the actual spray-painting of an obscene phrase on the wall of the Fresh Market store on Germantown Avenue, was charged with a misdemeanor.

The national legal website took reader submissions for nominees, which put Lloyd in some high-profile company. The list of lawyers also included Hillary Clinton, FBI Director James Comey, Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland, Attorney General Loretta Lynch, and Donald F. McGhan, who served as Trump's campaign counsel.

Voting ended last week and Lloyd did not win. He finished in sixth place, ahead of Comey and Lynch.

The winner was McGhan, Trump's attorney. McGhan's nominators noted that he led Trump to victory without running afoul of election laws or a contested convention. He is now White House counsel.

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