Before today's inauguration ceremonies, a couple reporters cornered Darrell L. Clarke, the new Council president, and grilled him until he gave up the names of the chairpersons for each of the committees for the 2012 session.

Actually, Clarke gave up the names without a fight - but the information was hardly a state secret. Many had been known for some time, but a few were of interest, particularly the L & I committee chair, which went to Maria Quinones Sanchez. Rumor held that freshman Councilman Bobby Henon had his eye on that committee. In any case, he got public property.

Here's a quick run-down of the important committees and their new chairs: Finance, Bill Green (a position that places him third in line to the mayor, after Clarke); Appropriations, Wilson Goode; Rules, Bill Greenlee; Public Safety, Curtis Jones Jr.; Education, Jannie Blackwell.

Clarke also created two new committees tailored to the expertise and interests of the two new GOP at-large members - a Global Opportunities committee to deal with international relations goes to David Oh, and a Disabilities and Special Needs committee for Dennis O'Brien.

In other GOP news at the inauguration, Brian O'Neill has retained his role as minority leader, with Oh taking minority whip.

Each of the 17 Council members will chair a committee, Clarke said, joking that such an arrangement should ensure the longevity of his benevolent reign.

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