Councilwoman Maria Quinones-Sanchez picked up a plum endorsement, Wednesday when a former challenger and current Democratic ward leader backed her reelection campaign.

Danny Savage, a former councilman who Sanchez unseated in 2007 and defeated again in 2011, threw his support behind Sanchez, saying she's the best person to lead the Seventh District.

"We might not have always agreed in the past on how to get things done but we both have the same goal to help the people and the communities of the 7th Councilmanic District," Savage said. "She's been a key individual on City Council with legislation to help people move forward and she also doesn't forget about quality of life issues."

City Controller Alan Butkovitz and state Rep. Jason Dawins also attended the rally outside of the Municipal Services Building.

The irony is that when Quinones-Sanchez beat Savage in 2007 it caused a divide between her and Latino Democratic Ward leaders in the district, which has only grown wider.

The ward leaders led by state Rep. Angel Cruz are supporting her challenger Manny Morales this time around. Morales was formerly backed by the entire Democratic Party but lost that endorsement when it was revealed his Facebook page was riddled with racist, ultra-conservative posts.

Savage, the 23rd ward leader said he abstained from the ward vote on who to support which took place weeks before the Facebook debacle.

He dismissed a claim by Manny Morales that his endorsement came with an agreement by Sanchez to back him in a planned senate run.

Sanchez called the claim false as well.

The folks who oppose me are very parochial in their thinking – they have not evolved with how politics and the needs of the community have evolved," she said.

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