Mayor-elect Jim Kenney hates the idea of being evaluated on his first 100 days in office. It's just not enough time, he says.

But during a radio interview Tuesday, Kenney said the first tangible thing Philadelphians can expect to see in his administration is improved police and community relations.

"I think if I have to put 100 days on it… beginning of improvement of community policing and better improvement between community and police relations. That will be addressed on Day 1," Kenney said during a WURD-AM (900) Tuesday evening.

Kenney said positive interactions between police and residents could be done through bike patrol and increasing the number of Police Athletic Leagues throughout the city.

He also plans to eliminate the police department's Stop & Frisk policy. Kenney said that if a police officer has reasonable suspicion that someone is a threat, the officer has a right to pat that person down. But he is against random searches that lack reasonable suspicion.

Kenney also spoke about wanting to decrease the local prison population through bail reform and job training.

"Our approach to criminal justice hasn't worked… because there's no real rehabilitation involved with our incarceration," he said, adding that by having an "innovative approach" to incarceration, money could be saved and diverted to city schools. He didn't offer any specifics.

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