Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter joined a panel of political commentators on NBC's Meet the Press Sunday morning to discuss the crisis with Russia and the fourth anniversary of the Affordable Care Act.

The show's host David Gregory asked Nutter if he worried that President Obama's focus on Russia would take away from his domestic agenda.

"President Obama can do many more things than one thing at a time," Nutter said. "The world is starting to come together around this particular issue. China is with us. Russia is going to be increasingly isolated in this situation."

Nutter also went on to say that most Americans "are really tired of war," and  "don't necessarily want to be in this conflict."

"We have to get things done at the United States at the same time," Nutter said on the president juggling foreign and domestic policies.

On the subject of Obamacare, which was signed into law four years ago, Nutter said he was "very proud of it."

The mayor told the panel that he was out at 12th and Market streets on Saturday talking to people about enrolling in the Affordable Care Act. Most of the people he spoke to, Nutter said, did not have any health insurance and would now be covered because of Obamacare.

"Five million people have now signed up," Nutter started to say but was interrupted by National Review Editor Rich Lowry saying that number wasn't completely accurate.

"That's wonderful anecdotal," Lowry said.

"No, it' not anecdotal, it's real," Nutter shot back. "I'm aware of talking to real people on real streets in Philadelphia."

Later in the discussion, Nutter took another jab at Republicans by saying that they voted against the supplemental food program and other initiatives that would help people who are hungry and out of work.

"The party of 'no' needs to step up to the plate and actually have some real ideas that deal with real people," Nutter said.

Following his appearance on the Sunday news show, Nutter will be heading to Philadelphia International Airport for his departure to Rome with Gov. Corbett, and Archbishop Charles J. Chaput. The delegation is going to meet with Pope Francis to discuss the World Meeting of Families being held next year in Philadelphia.

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