The mayor's press office has just issued this release.


Harrisburg, September 17 – Mayor Michael A. Nutter has instructed the command staff of the city government to halt the implementation of Plan C following the Pennsylvania Senate's approval of House Bill 1828. This afternoon the Pennsylvania Senate voted 32-17 to concur with House Bill 1828, sending the legislation to Governor Rendell for his signature.

"This is a great win for the citizens of Philadelphia," said Mayor Nutter from Harrisburg. "I am so proud of how we have weathered this storm as a city, with a typical fighting Philly spirit. Just think of what we can achieve together when we turn that resilience, that determination, that teamwork towards the tremendous opportunities and endless possibilities that lie ahead."

Immediately following the vote in the Senate Mayor Nutter gathered together his Executive Team in Philadelphia to deliver the message by phone from Harrisburg – the implementation of Plan C stops now.

The City will not issue nearly 3,000 layoff notices; services at libraries, rec centers, and health centers will not suffer the planned reductions; all City Departments will remain operational – all of the devastating consequences of Plan C will be avoided.

Mayor Nutter also sent a special message of thanks to all City employees.

"It was the hard work, dedication, and commitment of our public employees that helped ensure this success and I want to take this opportunity to sincerely thank them for what they do every day," said Mayor Nutter. "This has been a tough year. The worldwide economic crisis hit us hard. But we rolled up our sleeves and met the crisis head on. Thank you and well done."

Mayor Nutter also thanked lawmakers, especially the Senate and House leadership and the Philadelphia Harrisburg delegation, all staff who worked on the legislation, City Council, and municipal unions and business community of Southeastern Pennsylvania who worked so hard to ensure passage of this legislation.

"To lawmakers in Harrisburg, you listened, you allowed us to make our case, and today you have come through for our public employees and for the City of Philadelphia," said Mayor Nutter. "I want to thank your kindness, your dedication, and your commitment to public service."

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