Different town, similar event.

Different town, different people.

So it was that Brian Dawkins attended the "Fan Fair" that his new team, the Denver Broncos, puts on in the off-season. The Eagles Youth Partnership holds a fan-oriented event during training camp. This year, in a bit of a change of concept, the Eagles will hold something they're calling "Flight Night" at Lincoln Financial Field on August 2 at 7 pm. It is an evening that will include a full team practice, fireworks, interactive games, cheerleaders and the like.

Anyway, Dawkins went to Denver's event over the weekend. The Denver Post asked him to compare Philadelphia fans to Denver fans, based upon this experience.

Here is what he saw:

"The Philly fans are a lot more aggressive," Dawkins said. "They're a lot louder as far as giving their opinions. The Denver fans are a little laid-back and I understand that. It's a different place. This is a beautiful place with the mountains. Philly is hustle and bustle."

Dawkins added that he knows the Denver region is crazy for the Bronocs, that "they're ready for some football."

But it isn't going to be the same. You know he knows it, too.