A quick update from footballoutsiders.com, the outfit that runs a weekly computer simulation to determine playoff odds. The Eagles' odds dropped about 2 percent after the events of last week, which isn't much either way. They remain a 1 out of 3 shot to make the playoffs. Their number is essentially the same as the Cowboys. It is behind the Falcons and way behind the Bucs.

This you already knew.

Still, there is comfort in knowing exactly where you stand. And, as you already probably know, this is the week where the Eagles will win or lose the thing, in all likelihood. This is the week where Atlanta has to go to Minnesota, and where the Bucs face the mercurial Chargers at home. If the Eagles don't get some help from one of those two teams this week, they probably aren't getting it.

One other thing: people are wondering if the Eagles-Dallas game can be flexed to Sunday night. The answer is that it can. But unless either Atlanta or Tampa Bay loses this week, you have to think NBC will flex Dolphins-Jets instead. They don't have to make a decision until Monday, either -- but you have to think they'll know by Sunday, after the Eagles and Falcons play.