As lifelong skiers, we often refer to spring as mud season. The snow is melting, the rain is falling and it is generally a mess outside. Where to put the wet shoes, coats, bags? The transition between the exterior door and the home is so important for keeping the house tidy and clutter free. Architects call this transitional space, the drop zone. It has become command center #1 and it is an item people are checking off on their list of desired amenities in their home.

Corralling all that gear is crucial to keeping clutter at bay and helping kids remain organized. Making this utilitarian space efficient, functional, and fashionable is feasible! Well thought out mudrooms have several things in common; I call them the 3 S's: storage, shelving, and seating.

Make the most of this multi-tasking room by making it light, bright, and easy to clean. Incorporate chalk or bulletin boards for family notes,etc. Baskets and cubbies can be home to anything. There's enough confusion getting out the door with little ones, so anything we can do to lessen the stress is priceless!