The house voted unanimously to move the bill back to the Senate, said Rep. Maria Donatucci, head of the Philadelphia delegation and a key participant in negotiations between government entities and the major ride hailing providers in the state, Uber and Lyft. The two companies together made about $53 million during less than three months of operation during a period when they had temporary approval from the legislature this year. The bill approved Wednesday taxes all rides in the services at 1.4 percent. Uber has said anything more than that rate could have led to fare increases for riders. The tax revenue will be divided between the Philadelphia School District and the Philadelphia Parking Authority, with the district receiving about two-thirds of the money and the PPA one third.

The bill grants the PPA some regulatory authority over ride hailing app drivers.

The bill must be approved by the Senate before being signed by the governor. That vote could happen next week, Donatucci said.