As I wrote in Tuesday's column, Tim Tebow's drop-to-one knee gesture has become so replicated in sports that folks have come up with a snappy moniker for it: Tebowing.

Well, Tebow had better learn his football history before he takes out a trademark on the gesture. Because Philly's own Herb Lusk claimed it first.

Turns out that Lusk, longtime pastor of the Greater Exodus Baptist Church on Broad Street, can stake his claim to being the first NFL football player to kneel in the end zone and pray. Playing for the Philadelphia Eagles in 1977, Lusk took a pitch from QB Ron Jaworski and scored from 70 yards out in the fourth quarter against the New York Giants.

Alone in the end zone, he dropped to one knee and bowed his head in prayer. He later flew the Eagles coop for the seminary.

"That day is pretty much a blur to me," Lusk told the Washington Post. "I'm very proud when I look and see guys praying in the end zone or praying after [a game]. I see these guys as my sons. I gave birth to them. I see that as my purpose for playing in the NFL".

Yo, Tim, you need to start paying homage to your spiritual "father." Instead of Tebowing, you should be "Lusking." Kinda has a nice ring to it.