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Sharing the Blinq

So many opinions, so little time. What if we invited a few friends to share the conversation? Watch this space.

There was this text back in abnormal psych called, 'The Three Christs of Ypsilanti', in which some genius thought to put three guys who thought they were Jesus in the same hospital ward. Might cure them. Might be interesting to watch. Might make a good book.

We're about to try our own version.

Wondering what Karen Heller thought of the Oscars Sunday? Who she was wearing as she hooted at the screen? Did she buy my chemistry-enhancing idea about replacing James Franco with Charlie Sheen?

What did Monica Yant Kinney make of the Sunday story about John Street raining on his son's law firm?

What's Annette John-Hall's take on the piece about culture clash between Korean,  African American and Hispanic workers that's braking SEPTA's delivery of rail cars?

And what's Kevin Riordan been unearthing about the Garden State governor and his generous base?

What if you could go to one place to read all about it?

Maybe you've noticed that this place has been kinda quiet since December. Or since January, 2007, to be honest. Well, my bosses have noticed. Now there's a plan.

We're going to bring back Blinq. As a group blog.

For all of the metro columnists.

Back in 2005 I launched this space as a full-time gig, and the experiment in mainstream blogging lasted 20 months before I was asked to write a twice-a-week column. Figuring out how to be a columnist would take some time, my print overlords felt, and they asked me to concentrate on the paper product. When I was finally ready to post again on Blinq the audience had turned the page. And that was too bad, because I found that as a columnist I could finally take the safety off, say what I really felt, and that was a hell of a lot more fun.

Which I get to do now. With very sharp-tongued others. Maybe we should just rename this, Runs With Scissors.

Watch this space.