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Eagles eliminated from the playoffs

ARLINGTON, TX -- The Eagles started impressively in Texas, but it's too late: they are out of the playoffs.

As the Eagles took a 7-0 lead over the Cowboys, the Giants finished off the Jets in New Jersey and eliminated the Eagles. The Giants and Cowboys now have eight wins apiece, and play each other next week in a game that will decide the NFC East title. One of them will get to nine wins, and the best the Eagles can do is eight.

The Eagles were alive at kick off, setting up a dramatic situation in which Philadelphia fans -- and team personnel here in Texas -- had to keep one eye on the game here, and one on TV screens showing the Giants and Jets.

As the Eagles and Cowboys kicked off, the Jets scored to pull to within 20-14 and giving them, and the Eagles, hope. In Texas, the Eagles took the ball 80 yards on their opening drive to stake themselves to a 7-0 lead while the Giants-Jets game ticked to under 2:30 left.

The Eagles stopped Dallas' opening drive, but at the same time the Jets' Mark Sanchez took a penalty in the end zone, giving the Giants a safety and a 22-14 lead that all but sealed Philadelphia's fate. The Giants quickly added a touchdown while the Eagles continued to battle on the field.

The best the Eagles can hope for now is a .500 finish, but no playoffs for a team that hoped to contend for a championship. Saturday's game also means less for the Cowboys. Regardless of whether they win or lose today, they will need to beat the Giants to win the NFC East next week.

A win today could help Dallas' Wild Card chances, but the odds of a Wild Card berth for them are very slim. It most likely comes down to the Cowboys or Giants winning the division.

The Eagles had hoped to be there, but will fall well short of their goals.