With Dallas Reynolds still out with a sprained ankle, it looks like Evan Mathis will start at center for the Eagles. That's notable because the Eagles also have Matt Tennant on the roster, who is already a center. But the team decided to shake up the entire line, moving Mathis inside and placing Danny Watkins at guard.

"Trying to get the five best guys," offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg said. "He has practiced there, he's been with us, he knows all the calls. Just think that's the best thing to do at this point, going into a road game."

Mornhinweg said one of the reasons is because Watkins is getting healthy. Watkins has been active but on the bench the past two games. Still, it's a curious decision, considering Mathis has never played center and the Eagles have made previous changes with the stated goal of not shaking up the entire line.

"We have great confidence in Evan; he's practiced there just a little bit throughout the season," Mornhinweg said. "That will be our third center. And going on the road with the crowd, all those things are important. We're focusing in on that. Excellent confidence in Evan. And the reasons why is he's really sharp. He's a really good player, and he's a sharp man. We've had several blitz meetings already, and he's got it down."


Note: Fletcher Cox had a death in his family, so he returned home.