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Kolb wants to start or wants out

Kevin Kolb isn't one for ultimatums – he handled his demotion this season with class – but the backup quarterback wants out if the Eagles plan on bringing Michael Vick back as their starting quarterback, a source close to the situation said.

Kolb wants to start and whether that's for the Eagles or not, he will let coach Andy Reid know that during a scheduled Monday meeting. The 26-year-old has been the Eagles' backup for most of four seasons.

Asked what would be a best-case scenario for next season, Kolb said, "To start."

"I love it here, as everybody knows," Kolb said after the Eagles' 21-16 playoff loss to the Packers. "My family's settled in here. I would love to be starting here. But I want to be starting somewhere."

Kolb was then asked if could take another season in Philadelphia as the backup.

"I can't answer that question," he said.

Kolb is under contract for another season, though. The Eagles gave him a one-year extension and an $11 million bonus last April after they traded away Donovan McNabb and gave him the starting job. But he's slated to earn only $1.4 million next season, which is a very low sum for a backup.

Vick, however, is not under contract for next season. The Eagles are expected to franchise him if there is a tag in the new collective bargaining agreement as most assume there will be.

The labor situation could tie up any wheeling and dealing between teams which means Kolb could be in no-mans land for a while. The Eagles could ask for as much as two first-round picks in return for the quarterback, although a high-price like that would suggest that they want him back.

"Whatever happens you want to know the answer so you can prepare one way or the other," Kolb said. "Our communication with be fine. … And I'll be looking to starting here, hopefully."

He would be a very good insurance policy should Vick – whose style always leaves him susceptible to injury – get hurt during the season. Even after his benching earlier this season, Kolb was needed when Vick injured his ribs. With him starting in the next three games, the Eagles went 2-1.

But if the Eagles bring him back only to hold a clipboard for an entire season they could risk losing him after the season without getting anything in return. If a team was to offer at least a first-round pick in return – and there are at least a dozen teams in need of a starting quarterback – the Eagles may be willing to make a trade.

"Obviously, there's a chance for a lot of things," Kolb said. "So I'll just wait and just talk to these guys and see what happens."