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McNabb: contract "will take care of itself"

Donovan McNabb spoke to the local media today for the first time since January, but the Eagles quarterback was more interested in discussing his Foundation than he was his contract situation.

McNabb was hosting his ninth annual Kid's Clinic at the NovaCare complex and while the event normally draws an assortment of media members, most in attendance were hoping the quarterback would address his off-season comments.

Asked about his desire for an extension beyond the two years left on his contract, the most McNabb would say was that the situation "will take care of itself."

There was a Comcast SportsNet report earlier this week that said the Eagles and McNabb were working on restructuring the final two years of his deal. Asked if he was given reassurances about where he stood with the front office, the 32-year-old was coy.

"I'm standing here right in front of you guys," McNabb said. "I think I'm standing balanced."

If both sides are indeed close to a deal, it would understandable if McNabb chose to wait before making such a statement. McNabb, who is about to enter his 11th season with the franchise, has shied away making any public declarations since it became known just after the season that he wanted a sign of good faith from the organization.

The quarterback has declined to be interviewed during the Eagles' latest organized team activities. Today, he was more than willing to talk about his foundation, however, which benefits families with members suffering from diabetes.

Eagles coach Andy Reid and over a dozen players, including safeties Quintin Mikell and Quintin Demps and rookie wide receiver Jeremy Maclin, were on hand to help out with the clinic. Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell spoke, as well.

McNabb, who co-hosts the clinic with his father, Sam, was asked if off-the-field moments like today's clinic meant more as he nears the end of his career.

"I'm not getting closer to the end of my career," McNabb said. "It's just ten years. I believe [Clay] Matthews played almost 20 and Darryl Green played 20 [Matthews played 19]. Not that I want to play 20."

So why not play 20?

"I got to take my kids to school," McNabb said. "I got to watch them play soccer, and baseball and basketball and everything else they want to do. I'm sort of a soccer dad right now. You can't play football all of your life. At some point you got to be able to walk away from the game and hopefully have your health behind you, as well."

McNabb was also asked about running back Brian Westbrook, who underwent surgery on his right ankle yesterday and is expected to miss the preseason.

"I think Brian will be fine," McNabb said. "Obviously we want him to be healthy and ready to go and I think he'll be able to do that."

McNabb is also scheduled to host his White Party tonight at the Cira Center.


The Eagles announced today that they have agreed to terms on four-year contracts with three of their 2009 draft class selections: defensive back Macho Harris, tackle Fenuki Tupou and wide receiver Brandon Gibson. Harris and Tupou were selected in the 5th round, while Gibson was drafted in the 6th round.