Nick Foles is a rookie trying to fit in. He's also the starting quarterback trying to stand out. This is the balance that Foles must navigate during the rest of the season, because many eyes will watch to see how he handles the spotlight.

"I think just staying true to who I am," Foles said. "In the locker room, having a relationship with the guys. If we're in the hotel, we're studying or eating lunch and then [when] we're on the field, [you're] the quarterback. Get the tempo going. I think the most important thing for a quarterback or anybody is to have a great relationship with your teammates and coaches on a personal level, just being a normal guy and staying true to who you are as a person."

But life is different for Foles, who is one of 32 people in the world who can say they're an NFL starting quarterback. He has more responsibilities during the week, including cameras waiting by his locker and a conference call with out-of-town-media. And he knows it's his job and he's not just keeping the seat warm for Michael Vick. Coach Andy Reid named Foles the starting quarterback the rest of the way, in part, because he didn't want Foles to feel like the replacement any more.

Foles does not expect anything to change the next four games from the past three games, though. Even when he was the backup, he said he prepared as if he would enter the game. Now, he's just preparing knowing he'll enter the game.

"I'm going to keep saying it over and over," Foles said. "That's how I've always approached everything with any sport I've ever played. The mindset stays the same and you need to approach every day and give it your all. That's my mindset."

The next four games will be an audition for Foles. Play well, and he could convince the expected next coach that he's the quarterback for this franchise going forward. If he struggles, he'll be backing up someone else next season.

"I've always looked at as you take care of what you do today the best you can, the rest will take care of itself," Foles said. "If you start talking about the future, what you do today, you might not do everything you can. I'm focused on now and whatever I do today, I'm going to give everything I have today and that's all I can do and that'll take care of whatever happens in the future."