BETHLEHEM, Pa. -- Saying that his brother was "fine," Jeremy Maclin's brother said that there will be an announcement on the Eagles wide receiver's unidentified illness on Tuesday.

"When I say definitely, we definitely will have some news tomorrow," Andre Maclin told the Sporting News. "That's when we find out exactly what's going on and when [the Maclin family] will address it and talk."

Eagles coach Andy Reid had no comment.

Maclin, who has missed all of training camp because of the illness, returned to him hometown of St. Louis last week to undergo further testing. Eagles coach Andy Reid said that the team did not know what the receiver's illness was, but that he was still optimistic that Maclin would be back for the start of the season.

Maclin reported to camp late, however, and when he arrived looked noticeably thinner than he had a few months earlier. In April, Maclin said that he had lost 15 pounds after enduring "mono-like" symptoms. A few months later he said he had regained all of the weight.

The mystery surrounding Maclin's illness has led to mass speculation on The Internet and other outlets that the Eagles' 2009 No. 1 draft pick may be suffering from a career-threatening disease.

"They kind of have us on a gag order until tomorrow ... But he's fine, he's fine. That much I can say," Andre Maclin said.

The Eagles break camp from Lehigh University tomorrow. Reid will meet with reporters following practice.