Asked to compare the 2008 Dallas Cowboys to the 2004 Philadelphia Eagles, Terrell Owens bascially said there was no comparison.

The former Eagles receiver said during a conference call with Philadelpia reporters today that this Cowboys team is "way more talented."

Owens may be right. This Cowboys team is bursting with talent, including the modest receiver himself. The Cowboys sent 13 players to the Pro Bowl last season, although not all 13 were deserving. It says here that Roy Williams was the least deserving because he has become such a coverage liability.

Anyway, the 2004 Eagles didn't have as many Pro Bowlers and probably didn't have as much talent as this Dallas team. What the 2004 Eagles did have was a bunch of players who knew how to win big games, which is something the Cowboys have routinely failed to do since Owens' arrival three seasons ago.

Although the Eagles had not won or reached a Super Bowl before T.O.'s arrival juiced things up in 2004, they had won five playoff games, which is five more than the Cowboys have won in the last 11 years. Owens, though still ultra-confident, admitted that the Cowboys have to be focused on winning that first playoff game before they give even think about winning the Super Bowl.

Of course, the key point here is whether the 2008 Cowboys are better than the 2008 Eagles. This Dallas team is more talented, but this Eagles team has a lot of good, young talent on defense, which could make them a better team by the end of the season.

While mostly subdued with Philadelphia reporters, T.O. still apparently gets his shots in at Donovan McNabb when he talks to reporters down in Texas.

"I think the fans and just the excitement of me coming there and being there, it became too overwhelming for Donovan," Owens said in a Dallas Morning News blog. "Other than that, I think at one point in time I will say that we had a good relationship. I think I got too big for Philly, too big for (McNabb). But here, Tony ([Romo) and I have a great relationship."

Owens said he had a great relationship with the Philadelphia fans during his conference call and told the Dallas Morning News that his love affair with the city was too much for McNabb.

"I can remember being in (Texas Stadium) and hearing them chanting my name," Owens said. "That couldn't bode well for Donovan to hear that. It was an every-week thing."

Owens said McNabb "made me a better receiver in Philly," but added, "... I think it would be hard for him to admit that I made him a better quarterback."