NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Asked who his starting quarterback was heading into the bye, Eagles coach Andy Reid answered simply with, "Michael."

That's Michael Vick, in case you need reminding.

Reid had said coming into the game that Vick was his starter, so sticking with Vick over Kevin Kolb wasn't necessarily a surprise. But the coach did leave himself a little wiggle room to make a change last week, perhaps in case Kolb performed brilliantly against the Titans Sunday.

He did not. The Eagles lost, 37-19, and while the loss cannot be pinned solely on Kolb, he did struggle. His final numbers: 26 of 48 for 231 yards with one touchdown and two interceptions.

Vick, the emergency third quarterback, said after the game that he was still not 100 percent recovered from his rib injury. So there's still the chance Kolb could get the call against the Colts on Nov. 7. But all signs point to Vick being ready in two weeks.

As for the game, center Mike McGlynn took sole responsibility for missing the block on Jason Jones that led to the game-turning fumble in the third quarter. The Eagles had first and goal on the three-yard line when Jones broke through and knocked the ball from Kolb's hand before he handed off to LeSean McCoy.

"I caused the fumble, basically," McGlynn said. "In that situation, that can't happen."

A touchdown there would have out the Eagles up, 23-7. Instead, the Titans drove for a field goal and from that point forward outscored the Eagles, 30-3.