Barack Obama's selection of Sen. Joseph Biden (D-Del.) assures the Democrats win Delaware's electoral votes -- all three of 'em. More interesting: Will Biden help Obama in vote-rich Pennsylvania and New Jersey, and other states with lots of big political donors, hourly-wage earners, and Catholics?

   U.S. Rep. Patrick Murphy, D-Bucks, told Channel 10 that Biden is "Pennsylvania's third senator." Biden's worked on projects of regional interest, notably Amtrak funding; but he's not a household name in Philly.
Financial Times calls him a working-class native of Scranton in this article, ignoring his prep school background (Archmere Academy, where Biden joined other powerful alumni to replace the priests who ran the place in 2001), and his residence in affluent Greenville.

   Govs. Rendell and Corzine and Mayor Nutter, who all opposed Obama in the primaries, went on Channel 6 cheering Biden's selection as a win for the region. Rendell locked up Pennsylvania bigshot donors for Hillary Clinton in the April vote: Obama-Biden would love to inherit that cash stream.

   Campaign Biden has collected a fortune from Wilmington credit card bankers over the years -- especially from the people who ran MBNA, a company that no longer exists (PhillyDeals column here.)
   Right now, Biden and Obama are making Soak-the-Fat-Boy talk about raising taxes from rich people (who can likely afford to pay more after years of gains) and from companies (which are mostly hurting). 
   With McCain rising in the polls, will business keep raising money for Democrats?  
   (PhillyDeals doesn't usually post on weekends, but the Biden story broke today, and we're pulling an extra shift covering cops and robbers at the Inquirer tonight, and we're happy to report there's a lull in the mayhem.)