A. Duie Pyle, the 90-year-old West Chester trucking firm that counts Dow Chemical and Scott's Miracle-Gro among its clients, says it has opened a trucking terminal in a previously vacant 175,000 sq. ft., 32 acre facility that once housed New Century and Jevic Transportation trucking terminals in Westhampton, Burlington County, N.J.

Pyle has hired 65 drivers, dockworkers and mechanics to the site, and transferred others there from Pennsylvania. The site includes a warehouse and an up-to-date logistics center to plan shipments, the company says. New Jersey was not asked to provide financial support. Pyle employs around 2,500.

New Century, a nonunion outfit controlled by the private equity firm Jeffries Capital Partners, shut down last year, idling 1,500 drivers and other workers. Predecessor Jevic Transportation, another nonunion freight hauler, controlled by Marc Leder's private equity firm Sun Capital, closed at the same site in 2008. Pyle is also a nonunion operation. More here.