Attorney General Kathleen Kane's settlement with the Hershey Trust was a disappointment to many who helped elect a woman who campaigned with the promise of "no more business as usual in Harrisburg" - touting her determination to get rid of the "good old boys" ("Settlement ends Hershey Trust probe," May 9).

Disappointingly, Kane reached a settlement which exonerated the former trust board, then chaired by former Attorney General Leroy Zimmerman. Aside from outlandish pay packages for themselves, the board diverted millions of dollars away from the trust's stated purpose of educating low-income children. Instead, they made questionable real estate deals, funded a golf course and a clubhouse, and made lavish hotel improvements.

Kane has demonstrated a remarkable willingness to forget campaign promises and continue doing deals the same old way in Harrisburg. Rather than kick them out, she settled right in with those good old boys.

Leslie Anne Miller, Bryn Mawr

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