We had eight family members, age 6 to 75, at Friday night's Giants/Phillies game in San Francisco. A fan in a Phillies shirt and newly-purchased Brian Wilson beard was verbally attacked by a belligerent fan in a Giants shirt.

I was impressed by how well the Phillies fan maintained his composure in the face of the abuse, which escalated until the Giants "fan" swatted a beer from his hand and blocked his path to his seat. Also impressive was the crowd response, booing the boor and supporting the Phils' fan, and drawing a swift response by a Giants usher. Great cheers arose when the boor was ejected and an inning later the lost beer was replaced twofold. Then a toast and a warm hug were exchanged to show the true nature of San Franciscans.

If the beating of Giants fan Brian Stow in Los Angeles and the equally tragic hit-and-run injury to 9-year-old Phillies fan Ryan White injury don't give one perspective, I worry. Didn't Rodney King say it best? "Can't we all just get along?"

Kudos to the Phillies fan for being above retaliation, and thanks to the San Francisco fans who showed our kids a valuable lesson about how we all need to stand up to bullies.

Keith Grote, Davis, Calif.