Philadelphia Eagles’ management is to be applauded for its decision for a second time in a decade to release one of its showcase players at the peak of his career (Terrell Owens was the other player), presumably, in the interest of maintaining harmony in the locker-room and in the case of DeSean Jackson, possibly, for reasons of off-field activities and questionable relationships that he had cultivated.

Beyond an isolated local story of interest, DeSean’s release has a far more reaching implication, namely that of broadcasting to youngsters seeking athletic careers that demeanor and ethical standards are important and must be observed, and that no player, however talented, can ignore societal standards.

It's unfortunate that a standard of behavior has not been formally adopted and practiced by all collegiate and professional athletic institutions, so that youngster might have a clearer understanding of what is expected to succeed, rather than being influenced by the present tattooed, bejeweled generation of athletes that they observe on TV.

I'm proud that it was a Philadelphia team that made a statement, not once but twice.

Samuel J. Savitz, Bala Cynwyd