So much for the United States government being the only one in the world that has perfected the art of being nosy. It was recently reported that the government of France spies just as much on its friends and its own citizens as we do.

In tribute to this age of eavesdropping, I present the following lyrics to the tune of the Yuletide classic, "Do You Hear What I Hear?"

Do you know what we hear?

You're cursing because the air went out of your inflatable reindeer.

Do you know what we see?

You can't decide if you want to watch a naughty movie or Frosty on TV.

Do you know what we know?

You're buried up to your neck in a mix of ice and snow.

A surveillance camera here, a concealed mic there, and you don't even want to know what we've hidden in your thermal underwear.

We're peeking in your mailbox

And checking your list twice

You might even find a bug in your pumpkin spice

We'll be watching, so be sure to play nice!

Vin Morabito, Scranton

* * *